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The Revenant











    This knife is the first of its kind in a series we have named Revenant. It is a rugged, heavy dagger, reminiscent of a Roman fighting sword. It is made of 5160 high carbon chromium alloy steel. It’s very tough without being overly brittle capable of holding a sharp edge and take a beating. The scales (handle) is laminated American Black Walnut wood that has been fully stabilized and finished with Tung Oil, the finish used  most for preserving the natural wood look for years to come. The sheath is hand made of heavy saddle grade leather for this specific knife.

Every aspect of this knife has been made by hand with the tools of the trade. It is fully custom made and while we may make others similar, there will never be another exactly matching it. More than 30 hours labor has been put into making this knife. It is heirloom quality made to last many generations.



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