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Better Products

The BETTER things from Davenell Products are all individually hand made from local wood mostly from trees on our property in Stewart County, Tennessee. These items are mostly Red or White Oak, Hickory, Cedar, Ash, Wild Cherry, and other native trees. All the utensils intended to be in contact with food items are finished only with food grade mineral or other edible oils. Non food related tools may be finished with Tung Oil, Shellac, Tru Oil, Linseed Oil, Polyurethane, or other hand applied finishes. Each is chosen to best protect and enhance the appearance of the item. These nor any other wood items should ever be put in the dishwasher or submerged under water more than a few seconds.They are easily cleaned with a soap and water hand wash, towel dry, and then air dry. Re-coat with mineral oil as necessary from time to time to prevent drying out and cracking.


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