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The Better Spreader

Screenshot 2016-08-17 at 11.35.44 AMThe Better Spreader

What kind of spreaders are these? Well, decide what you want to spread and Walla, that’s what they are. Butter? well of course. Peanut butter? Absolutely! Mayo? Cream cheese? Cake icing? …yes, yes, yes, and yes to whatever you can come up with.  They can even be used as cake knife, bagel and English muffin cutters and many many other uses. They have  pretty sharp edges capable of cutting things like sheet cakes, biscuits, rolls, brownies, fudge in the pan or on the platter without marking the pan or destroying the stick proof coatings. You’ll wonder how you ever went so long without this wonderfully simple kitchen tool. You’ll want several, trust me!

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